13 Exercises To Help Improve Your Academic Writing Skills |

Many of you must be profoundly sound in creative writing but that doesn’t give an upshot when it comes to academic writing. Both are streamlined to completely different dimensions, holding a distinct essence of the composition. Where creative writing is a choice, academic writing assignments are compulsory for every academic. Read this article to understand the lesser-known yet significant techniques for improving your scholarly writing talent.

Everyday exercise for improving writing skills

  1. Brush up on your childhood basics – revise the grammar, sentence construction styles, simple-complex-compound sentences, choice of adjectives, subject-verb agreement, voices, and punctuation.
  2. Practice writing every day – Consider this as your job. As you wake up in the morning, freshen up and write an essay of at least 500 words on any topic (you can choose current affairs)
  3. Your job is to read daily – Just like you are writing on a daily basis, adopt the habit of reading also. Mornings are the best hours to read different articles, journals, magazines or the latest news.  If you don’t have time in the morning, read after wrapping up all the day’s chore.
  4. Find a partner in your writing – If you can have a partner in crime, why not in writing! Find someone is also exercising on his or her writing skills. Decide a topic, write on it, and evaluate each other.
  5. Join a crash course – Either opt for a night class or a crash course or simply learn from top quality essay writing service websites about how to write a perfect college essay – outline, introduction, conclusion, and the main body.
  6. Try to analyze eminent authors’ work – Pick a content, written by your favorite author and try to understand how the person had built the composition, where had he or she highlighted the topic, what kind of hook statement did the person chose, how the author had concluded the content.
  7. Imitate the authors you admire – You must have an author whose works you admire a lot. You can try imitating the person in order to develop a good piece of composition. However, don’t continue this for a long. Remember, these are just for beginners.
  8. Learn how to outline a paper – As you are working on your writing skills, you should know that papers are blind without a proper outline. It’s high time, you get in touch a writing expert and learn how to outline properly.
  9. Proofread without mercy – Editing and proofreading are an integral part of academic writing. If you want to excel, don’t skip this stage. Proofread ruthlessly, find all the mistakes, and try to amend those in your next document.
  10. Stop believing in your first draft – The first piece of writing is crap. In fact, the first few pieces are total disasters. The more quickly you accept the fact, the faster you will learn to write. And if you keep thinking about why you couldn’t write perfectly, on the first time, you can never improve.
  11. Get editorial service – Professional proofreaders are the best ones to guide you with high-class editing service. Either you find a reliable editor to proofread your work or try online editing tools to check for grammatical issues, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and more.  
  12. Do not plagiarize your work – Before you start working on your assignment, you should get conversant with the term plagiarism and why it should be avoided. The term indicates copying others work without giving credit and this activity is considered a crime in academic writing. If you are quoting others work in your paper, give proper credit to the original creator. Or else, don’t use it!
  13. Don’t be a diplomat or biased – Academic writing is a reflection of your take on the topic. Here, diplomatic response to an argument or biasedness towards a character or view is strictly prohibited. If you want to score well, say what you are thinking, without any external influence.


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